Thinking Crazy Thoughts

I had the opportunity to train recently with 2-time Olympic Trials finalist Carolyn Kealty. She’s training hard, working on her own come-back, so she asked my about my plans. “Killer” has never been a fan of long distances so when I told her I was only planning on shooting for the 50k Trials she asked why the Hell I wasn’t going for the 20k. I gave my reasoning, rattling of the required paces–5:42/km for 50k and 4:48/km for 20k. I said that I knew I could get down to 5:42 fairly easily–although doing 50 of them in a row still seems a bit daunting–but that 4:48 looked out of reach. Then she brought up an excellent point: The pace we were walking was well under the pace I would need to qualify for the 20k Trials! Granted, we were only doing 400m repeats, but I was able to hit 4:35 km pace fairly easily. If I can do it for 400m, soon I will be able to do it for 1k; if I can do it for 1k, it won’t be long before I can walk that pace for 1,500m, then 2k, then 3k… The 50k Trials are about 16 months away. In my mind that’s plenty of time to get the 4:45 (four hours forty-five minutes) standard. So why am I giving up on the 20k Trials which are 21 months away? As of today I’m not, thanks to a kick in the pants by my diminutive friend, sometimes training partner, and many-time voice of reason. Thanks, Killer!



4 Responses to “Thinking Crazy Thoughts”

  1. philip dunn Says:

    I remember a sometimes-training partner, many-time voice of reason who talked me into competing in a certain Olympic Trials in 2008 that led to big things. Thanks, and Carolyn is right, of course you can do it!

  2. rayzwocker Says:

    Well, some people are too awesome to “just” be two-time Olympians. I’ll take .1% of the credit for #3, give you maybe 15% for your own determination, talent, and hard work, and 84.9% to Liz and the kids. Without their sacrifices, nothing is possible. Hope to see you all soon!

  3. Phyllis Karsten Says:

    Go crazywocker!

  4. Bar Says:

    Both of you should kill it!

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