Eating an Elephant

An African proverb says the best way to eat an elephant is to do it one bite at a time. This week I was able to take several more bites of the beast.


A sub-4:45 50k still seems daunting, but my workouts are getting back to the range where it seems possible. I know I’ll need a lot of tasty 30- and 35-kilometer workouts at or near the 5:42 kilometer qualifying pace to polish off this pachyderm. I’m not there yet.  But my long days have grown to 21k, with 24k on the schedule for tomorrow; my shorter (12- to 15k) “longish not-so-easy days” are back at just over 6:00/km pace and are scheduled to go under soon; and my weekly mileage is back over 80km/50 miles per week for the first time since the 2012 50k Olympic Trials. Based on where I was just a few years ago (I made the 2010 World Cup Team in the 50k) these numbers are not very impressive, but compared to where I was just a few months ago there’s been a lot of progress.

I’m feeling really motivated, the weather is still pretty good around here, and I have a great training partner. I just hope she has a good recipe for Jumbo Jambalaya…



2 Responses to “Eating an Elephant”

  1. Carolyn Kealty Says:

    Steady progress is gonna get you through. Keep up the good work.

  2. Phyllis Karsten Says:

    What does it taste like? Are you cooking it on top of a stove – or pit roasting it?

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