On the Road Again

October 9, 2014

Yesterday felt like I was finally back to training with a purpose after a very long hiatus. I always feel guilty and unmotivated when my wife Loretta, herself a 2x US Champion, Internationalist and Olympic Trials finalist, can’t train. She’s had a long layoff, just having undergone a c-section 11 weeks ago, preceded by a difficult pregnancy, cardiac issues, kidney stones, gall bladder surgery, etc., etc., etc. It’s hard to believe I’m the (much) older partner in this marriage! She’s been back to training for a few weeks. To get our mileage back up we’ve had to slow our pace down considerably from what we’re accustomed to, but it’s all good base training. We’ve been getting in a lot of good 15km sessions the last couple of weeks, and hit an encouraging pace-per-kilometer milestone earlier in the week.

We weren’t able to train together yesterday so I picked up the pace to what I’ll need to hit to qualify for the 2016 50k Olympic Trials. After a couple of kms of progressing down to the pace as a warm-up, I was able to hit the pace needed to qualify – 5:42 per kilometer – for the last 10km. But then again, pace isn’t really the problem in a 50k, it’s the distance – all 31 miles of it! I still have a long way to go in training to get where I can imagine hitting that pace for the 30, 35, and even 40k workouts I’ll need under my belt to be able to reliably walk under 4:45 for 50k on race day, but it’s a start. After several years in the wilderness, I finally feel like I’ve at least found the road back to the goal.